Forensic Accounting and Fraud Deterrence

Forensic Accountants have become part of all major Accounting Firms, specializing in fraud detection and prevention.  The value of Forensic Accountant cannot be overemphasized in the present day court of law, the courts depends on the expertise of forensic accountants in all financial litigation and disputes.

Forensic Accounting cut across all investigations; mergers and acquisitions, tax investigation, economic crime investigation, special audits, civil litigation support and even terrorist investigations.

At PEPS we adopt a customer tailored approach with a mix professional expertise in ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

The advent of sophisticated commercial transactions all over the world poses an increased risk of fraudulent activities and the risk that a fraud might continue for years without detection keeps increasing as the day goes by.  At PEPS, our team are made up of professionals specially trained in combating such situations.  “Combating fraud before it occurs is vital to the survival of any business.  Organizations should take the opportunity to consider, enact and improve measures to detect, deter and prevent fraud before it occurs.”-Association of Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE).


Computer Forensics

We adopt modern computer forensic tools in combating frauds.


Internal control systems evaluation

Evaluation of internal control systems, pointing out red flags and suggesting corrective measures to ensure a strong internal control system as well designing a new internal control system from scratch.


Litigation support

We anchor a service support system that generates documentary evidence to support or rebut a claim.  We also assist in preparing relevant questions to be asked during a trial in a court of law.

Due Diligence

We embark on services centered on minimizing future damages and risk loss

Review of Commercial Transactions

Such as excess and illegal bank charges review, Contract of sale/purchase etc

We also offer training on the following subjects:

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • Fraud Deterrence

  • Internal Control System support